Understeer / Oversteer Tuning

Tools To Tune Your Handling Balance

It’s said that when a racecar hits the wall head first, that’s understeer. When it hits the wall backwards, that’s oversteer.

Having the right balance of understeer and oversteer is key to vehicle control and inspiring driver confidence that makes it easy to be fast – and staying out of the wall. There are many suspension variables that affect the balance.

The following table identifies some of the key tunable parameters that affect handling balance. These are powerful tools in the suspension tuner’s kit to adjust the handling balance.

Front Swaybar softer stiffer
Rear Swaybar stiffer softer
Front Spring Rate softer stiffer
Rear Spring Rate stiffer softer
Front Tire Width wider narrower
Rear Tire Width narrower wider
Front Tire Sidewall Height shorter taller
Rear Tire Sidewall Height taller shorter
Front Tire Pressure increase decrease
Rear Tire Pressure decrease increase
Front Camber more negative less negative
Rear Camber less negative more negative
Front Toe less toe in more toe in
Rear Toe less toe in more toe in
Front Caster more positive less positive
Front Track Width wider narrower
Rear Track Width narrower wider
Front Aero Download increase decrease
Rear Aero Download decrease increase
Front Dampers (shocks) softer stiffer
Rear Dampers (shocks) stiffer softer
Rear Differential lockup increase decrease

Keep in mind that suspensions are complex systems with many interactions. Optimizing for a single objective is likely to have un-intended impacts on other aspects of ride quality, handling, and performance.