GT3 Front Suspension System

For Porsche 911, 912, 930

GT3 Front Suspension System for Porsche 911, 912, and 930

GT3 Front Suspension System For Porsche 911, 912, 930, 914

GT3 Front Suspension System

The Ultimate Front Suspension System

Our GT3 front suspension delivers superior grip and ride quality.

We’ve adapted our 997 GT3 Control Arms to fit ’65-’89 911, 912, 930 cars and all 914. The system includes a complete subframe and replaces the stock crossmember, control arms, mounts, bushings and ball joints. Built from aircraft grade aluminum, the system is about half the weight of the replaced components.

For use with coilover conversions only.

Ease of adjustment

Easily adjust camber, caster and even track width.

Left and right threaded double adjusters are provisioned on the control and caster arms to provide for easy length adjustment without disconnecting the member.


Low friction, spherical action

Low friction allows the suspension to follow road/track irregularities smoothly, keeping tire contact patches stable. Ride and performance are greatly improved.

Pivot points are precision spherical heim joints, oversized for strength and durability. Spherical heim joints move freely with very low friction, yet precisely position suspension members to maintain alignment settings with zero deflection under load. Lack of deflection makes the car predictable and easier to drive fast, reducing need for constant corrections by the driver.

Spherical action of the heim joints self aligns continuously, ensuring smooth non-binding action even when the chassis is flexing under load.



Heim and ball joints are completely sealed to keep out contaminants and water. The result is a extended life and a robust system suitable for street or track use.


Improved Geometry and subframe

Control arms are longer than stock to provide a improved camber curve and grip when cornering. Front pickup point is similarly moved inboard to maintain a stable caster curve.

Our GT3 subframe includes longitudinal members that connect the front mounts back to the crossmember. This provides a proper load path to transfer the considerable braking forces from the front mounts back to the crossmember. This mimics the braking load path of the factory 935 arms and product control arms.

Braking loads are thus fed into the chassis at the crossmember, as intended by the factory.


Fit and finish

Attention to detail stands out. From the quality of the machine work to the hard anodize finish that is both attractive and scratch resistant. Stressed threads are heli-coiled for strength. Heim joints are replaceable and sealed for durability.

The system readily bolts on your existing 911 series chassis, no drilling or welding required – installation is completely reversible.

914 series require some sheet metal clearancing for installation.

  • “I am just back from 2 days at Watkins Glen and thought you would like to know the transformation in the car is outstanding!””Increased cornering grip with great tire wear and straight line stability up the back straight. Earlier I had limited my top speed because the car wandered now I can maintain full throttle to the braking zone … Thank you.”
  • Dave R. – GT3 System

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GT3 Front Suspension System For Porsche 911, 912, 930, 914 front suspension for Porsche 911

Application Table

Part No. Stock Equiv. Fitment & Configuration
2180010-'67-'89 911/912/930,
'70-'76 914-4 and 914-6,
requires coilovers
1 kit req'd per Car

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GT3 Front Suspension System

GT3 Front Suspension System for Porsches
GT3 Front Suspension System
'67-'89 911/912/930,
'70-'76 914-4 and 914-6,
requires coilovers
1 kit, req'd per car
$3,750.00 kit