Oil Cooler Plumbing Kit

For 914-6

Oil cooling lines and kits for Porsche 914

914-6 GT inspired

Plumbing Kit – Now it’s easy to add a front-mounted cooler to your
914-6 / conversion and achieve a professional result. Inspired by the 914-6 GT oil cooling system, we developed our plumbing kit to look, fit, and function like a factory production solution. This is the factory-option the factory never offered!

Plumbing kit includes everything you need to go from tank/engine up to the passenger side from wheel well.

Hard Lines – CNC formed hard oil lines route beneath the passenger side rocker panel. This keeps the oil (and heat) out of the cabin.

Thermostat – The genuine Porsche thermostat mounts in the passenger rear wheel well in front of the tire. It includes a pressure bypass to protect the cooler and ensure the engine doesn’t starve for oil in the event of blockage in the cooler section.

Metric Fittings – Factory-appearing hoses and Porsche-type 30mm fittings are used throughout. 30mm fittings deliver high-flow capacity and as used on all 911 engines from 72-89.

Engine Scavenge Pipe – Fits headers and even clears the factory 6 heat exchangers. Scavenge pipe has 30mm fittings at both ends. Engine case fitting is easily converted to matching 30mm if needed.

Oil Tank – We offer choices for the oil tank connection including 26mm, 30mm, and AN type hose ends.

Mounting – Included grommets and edge molding dress all pipe/hose pass-throughs to protect and prevent vibration noises. Includes a mounting bracket to support the thermostat and adel clamps for dressing the hoses.

Some cutting is required for installation. Templates included.

  • “I just wanted to thank you for the 72 oil line setup you sold us. Everything went in with no issues… Thanks again for providing us great quality parts!” Eric W. – 911 Oil Cooler Kit

Kit Contents

  • Hard Line kit
  • Thermostat
  • Scavenge pipe
  • Scavenge pipe to thermostat line
  • Tank to thermostat line
  • Support bracket kit
  • Instructions & Templates
Oil Cooler Plumbing Kit For Porsche 914-6Oil Cooler Plumbing Kit For Porsche 914-6Oil Cooler Plumbing Kit For Porsche 914-6Oil Cooler Plumbing Kit For Porsche 914-6Oil Cooler Plumbing Kit For Porsche 914-6

Application Table

Part No. Stock Equiv. Fitment & Configuration
914-6-oil-kit-'70-'72 914-6
1 kit, req'd per Car

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914-6 Plumbing Kit

Oil Cooler Plumbing Kit for Porsches
Oil Cooler Plumbing Kit
'70-'72 914-6
1 kit, req'd per car
$3,080.00 kit