QuickChange™ Camber Plates

For Porsche 996, 997

QuickChange™ Camber Plates for Porsche 996, 997

Ease of Adjustment

Elephant Racing’s QuickChange™ Camber plates for the front of 996, 997, 986 and 987 Boxster/Cayman cars offer true ease of adjustment. The “slider” design allows a full range of adjustment without the need for removing and rotating the plate for C2, C4, and Turbo models.

More Camber

Range of adjustment is extreme, with 19mm of added travel. This delivers over 2 degrees of added camber, allowing even DOT-R tires and slicks to produce maximum grip.

QuickChange™ Camber Plates for Porsche 996/997, C2, C4, 986 and 987 Boxster/Cayman

QuickChange Camber Plate for C4 and Turbo Models

Pictured above, the Quickchange camber plates are available for C2, C4 and Turbo models and work with stock-type springs and coilovers. They will not raise ride height when used with stock-type springs.

Higher Performance

Spherical bearings further improve performance. The spherical bearings pivot freely, but eliminate the deflection that is inherent with the factory rubber bushings. This is important for two reasons;

– The factory rubber acts as a spring in series with the strut. This rubber spring-action is completely un-damped and reduces the struts ability to control the tire contact patch. The spherical bearing allows the strut damper to do its job and control the contact patch.

– The factory rubber deflects sideways under cornering loads, causing loss of camber just when you need it most. Our spherical bearings eliminate the deflection, maintaining stable and predictable camber.

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QuickChange™ Camber Plates for Porsche 996/997, C2, C4, 986 and 987 Boxster/Cayman

Fully Weather Sealed

The included spherical bearings are oversized, maintenance-free, and PTFE lined – they never need lubrication.

Integrated weather seals on both bottom and top of the spherical bearing extend bearing life. Dirt and water enter competing non-sealed products to accelerate bearing wear. Worse yet are bottom-only seals that can actually trap water that enters the open bearing top!

Our weather seals are fully compatible with coilovers and stock type springs.

Use Stock Springs or Coilovers

Fully compatible with stock springs and aftermarket lowering springs. Also supports coilovers that use and upper spring perch.

QuickChange™ Camber Plates for Porsche 996/997/C2/C4/Turbo installation

Application Table

Part No. Stock Equiv. Fitment & Configuration
2152210-'99-'12 996, 997 C4 and Turbo Models
1 pair req'd per Car
2152205-'99-'12 996, 997 C2 only,
'97-'12 986, 987
1 pair req'd per Car

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QuickChange Camber Plates for Porsches
QuickChange Camber Plates
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