Stock Ball Joints

For Porsche 993

OEM Ball Joints For Porsche 993

Restore Original Steering Quality

Replace your tired ball joints to restore the original steering quality. When the steering becomes wobbly and unpredictable, a worn out ball joint is often the cause. Ball joint connects the front shock to the control arm and is responsible for a tight connection as the suspension moves up and down. Naturally this part goes through a lot of wear and should be replaced occasionally to maintain proper and tight steering.

Stock Ball Joints For Porsche 993

Application Table

Part No. Stock Equiv. Fitment & Configuration

Porsche part number "993 341 049 02"

Stock ball joints, Porsche part #993-341-049-02

993 341 049 02
'95-'98 993
2 req'd per Car

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Ball Joints

Stock Ball Joints for Porsches
Stock Ball Joints
'95-'98 993
2 req'd per car
$230.00 each