Complete Oil Cooler Kits

For Porsche 911, 930

  • "I just wanted to thank you for the 72 oil line setup you sold us. Everything went in with no issues... Thanks again for providing us great quality parts!" Eric W. - 911 Oil Cooler Kit
  • "My order was beyond expectations. Great packaging to avoid damage and your products are first class!" Jeff A. - 911 Oil Cooling Components


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Porsche 911 / 930 oil cooler lines and oil plumbing kit. Choose different oil line configurations including 1972, finned oil lines, high clearance oil lines, thermostats, hoses
Porsche 911 / 930 oil cooler kits, fender mount oil cooler, center mount oil cooler, dual oil cooler, dual fender mount oil cooler
Standard Plumbing Kit Available for 73-89 Porsche 911/930
Dual Fender Oil Cooler Kit Available for 74-89 Porsche 911/930

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Oil Cooling Kits

Plumbing Kits
$1,655.00 kit
Oil Cooler Kits
$1,223.00 kit

Oil Cooler Fans

Fan Installation Kit
$88.00 each
'65-'89 911 w/ Carrera style fender mounted cooler
1 req'd per cooler
8″ Oil Cooling Fan
$88.00 each
'65-'89 911, for widemouth oil cooler
1 req'd per cooler

Oil Cooler Ducting

Oil Cooler Ducting
$170.00 each
'74-'89 911/912/930
1 req'd per car

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