Coilover Brake Line Support Bracket Kit

For Porsche 911, 912, 930

Brake line support kit for Porsche 911 & 914

Coilover Brake Line Support Bracket Kit For Porsche 911, 912, 930 & 914
Standard front struts have welded-on brackets to support the brake hard line. Threaded body coilover struts and coilover sleeve conversion require the removal of these brackets, leaving the brake lines unsupported and prone to failure – always at the worst possible time!

Our support bracket kit is an easy bolt-on support for the brake lines.

The kit bolts to existing threaded holes on the strut.

  • Easy bolt-on – Attaches to the brake dust shield mounting holes using provided hardware. dust shields can be retained or removed.
  • Prevents brake hard line flex / fatigue – Supports the brake hard line. Unsupported, the hard line will constantly flex and eventually leak.
  • Quality throughout – Purpose made brackets are laser – cut from stainless steel and pre-formed. Top quality hardware is provided to complete the kit.

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 For Porsche 911, 912, 930 & 914 911 and 914 Safari Strut 911 and 914 Gusset Installation 911 and 914 Brake Line Support Bracket

Application Table

Part No. Stock Equiv. Fitment & Configuration
2280911-'65-'89 911/912/930/914

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Coilover Brake Line Support Bracket Kit
'65-'89 911/912/930/914
1 pair, req'd per car
$120.00 pair