Rear Shock Mount Kit

For Porsche 991

Rear Shock Mount Kit For Porsche 991

Rear Shock Mounts

These shock mounts use high strength hardened steel spherical bearings and are direct replacements for the factory mounts. The Teflon lined spherical bearings used in our kit are maintenance-free and require no supplemental lubrication. Included seals prevent contamination from water or grime, thus extending bearing life.

Porsche used spherical bearings on the 991 GT3 and Cup Cars. We went one step further and added larger bearings and weather-seals to ensure longevity.

Porsche 991 rear shock mount kit bearing detail

Fully Weather Sealed

We’ve designed in weather seals to keep dirt out and extend product life. This is the only shock mount suitable for street or extended track use. Dirt and water contaminate ordinary products and accelerate wear.

Improved shock / coilover performance

The spherical bearings pivot freely and eliminate the deflection that is inherent with the factory rubber bushings. This is important for two reasons:

– The factory rubber acts as a spring in series with the shock. This rubber spring-action is completely un-damped and reduces the shocks ability to control the tire contact patch. The spherical bearing allows the damper to do its job and control the contact patch.

– The factory rubber deflects sideways under cornering loads, causing loss of camber just when you need it most. Our spherical bearings eliminate the deflection, maintaining stable and predictable camber.

These will work with stock springs and coilover suspensions

Application Table

Part No. Stock Equiv. Fitment & Configuration
2152208-'12+ 991, w/ coilovers or shocks
1 kit req'd per Car

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Rear Shock Mount

Shock Mount Kit for Porsches
Shock Mount Kit
'12+ 991, w/ coilovers or shocks
1 kit, req'd per car
$620.00 kit