Strut Modification and Services

For Porsche 914

Strut Modification Services For Porsche 914

Services Available for Boge, Bilstein and Koni Struts

Strut Reconditioning

We inspect the struts for bending, rust or other damange. We will media blast the entire strut to remove any rust, grime and old paint. Strut is then modified to desired specification and receives a fresh coat of paint.

Raise Spindle

Send your existing Boge, Bilstein, or Koni struts to us for spindle height modification.

Raised spindles are the right way to lower your car. They restore lost suspension travel, improve the camber curve and roll center geometry.

Note that raised spindle should always use tie rod end bump steer kit to correct the steering knuckle height change.

Spindle Height – Choose from standard raised spindle heights:

  • +19mm / 15 inch wheels
  • +30mm / 16 inch wheels
  • +40mm / 17 inch wheels
  • Rally height -70mm
  • Custom height available
  • Boge and Koni can be raised up to 19mm max.

Brake Support Line Relocation

Coilover Brake Line Support Bracket KitIn order to raise spindles, brake lines either need to be relocated or removed. This service includes bracket relocation, however if you’re planning on installing coilover sleeve conversion kit, the brackets need to be removed. Bolt-on brake line support is available as well.

Linear Bearing Replacement

Have us replace the worn out linear bearings while we have the struts here. Parts are included with this service. Bilstein Struts Only. For Bilstein Struts Only.

Race Bump-Steer Kit Installation

Racing Bump Steer KitsSend in your struts to add bump steer kit. Our racing bump steer kit comes with a lower steering knuckle that requires welding. This is a popular option for people raising their spindles. Available also a bolt-on bump steer kit which requires no welding.

Gusset Installation

Add gussets to reinforce the spindle. Commonly done with spindle height modification service. Gussets are welded on each side of the spindle.

Wiper Seal Replacement

OEM wiper Seals – Replace your worn out wiper seals with OEM part. (For Bilstein Struts Only)

Shortened Wiper Seals – Replace your worn out wiper seals with our shortening kit

Our wiper seals shortens strut by 3/4 inch for added travelOur wiper seals shorten strut by 3/4 inch for added travel, much needed on lowered cars. Available for Bilstein and Boge struts.

Not needed if getting coilover conversion kit, as these are already included with the kit. For Bilstein Struts Only.

Seal-Race Replacement

Have us install the seal-races while we have the struts here. Parts are included with this service.

Your struts. Done Easy, Done Right.

Strut Service for Porsche 911

  • 1. Order Services using table below and we’ll email a work order.
  • 2. Send your struts using your choice of inbound shipping options. Include work order in the box.
  • 3. We’ll perform the installation and upgrades.
  • 4. We’ll ship the struts back to you ready to bolt on the car.

Three Inbound Shipping Choices

  • Bronze – Pack and ship on your own.
  • Silver – Pack on your own, we’ll email a pre-paid inbound UPS shipping label. USA only.
  • Gold – We’ll send you a box and packing materials and a pre-paid inbound UPS shipping label. USA only.

Shipping Options

Ground service is the default. Call us at 1.408.297.2789 to arrange expedited shipping.


  • Gold and Silver level shipping is quoted for USA addresses only. Please contact us for pricing outside USA,

 Speak to an expert: 1.408.297.2789

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Strut Modification Services for Porsches
Strut Modification Services
$550.00 Service
Shorten Strut Body
Shorten strut bodies
1 Service, req'd per car
$490.00 Service
Weld On Racing Bump Steer Knuckle for Porsches
Weld On Racing Bump Steer Knuckle
Weld on racing bump steer knuckle while performing strut work.
1 Service, req'd per car
$70.00 Service
Add Gussets To Spindle Pair for Porsches
Add Gussets To Spindle Pair
'65-'89 911, 912, 930, 914, Reinforce the spindle
1 Service, req'd per car
$70.00 Service
Replace Wiper Seals
$145.00 Service
Replace Seal-Race
'69-'89 911, 912, 930, 914
Spindle spacer collar, seal race,
behind front inner wheel bearing
2 req'd per car
$45.00 each
Replace Linear Bearing
Bilstein Struts Only
1 Service, req'd per car
$290.00 Service

Front Parts

Racing Bump Steer Kit for Porsches
Racing Bump Steer Kit
$475.00 kit

Inbound Shipping Options

Strut/Trailing Arm Shipping for Porsches
Strut/Trailing Arm Shipping
$85.00 Service