Trailing Arm Services

For Porsche 911/912/930

Trailing Arm Services For Porsche 911/912/930

Trailing Arm Reconditioning

Send your trailing arms to us for full reconditioning. Including media blasting and clear coating. Early steel trailing arms are powder coated as they were by factory.

Add Bushings or Monoball Bearings

This service includes removal of old bushings and installation of new new ones. Available are rubber bushings or spherical Monoball bearings.
monoball-sealed-porsche-911__002 Trailing Arm Bushings For Porsche 911 & 914

Add Wheel Bearings

When you add wheel bearings to your order we’ll install them in your reconditioned trailing arms… no installation fee.

Your trailing arms. Done Easy, Done Right.

  • 1. Order Services using table below and we’ll email a work order.
  • 2. Send your trailing arms using your choice of inbound shipping options. Include work order in the box.
  • 3. We’ll perform the installation and upgrades.
  • 4. We’ll ship the trailing arms back to you ready to bolt on the car.

Three Inbound Shipping Choices

  • Bronze – Pack and ship on your own.
  • Silver – Pack on your own, we’ll email a pre-paid inbound UPS shipping label. USA only.
  • Gold – We’ll send you a box and packing materials and a pre-paid inbound UPS shipping label. USA only.

Shipping Options

Ground service is the default. Call us at 1.408.297.2789 to arrange expedited shipping.

*Removal of old bushings is included with the service. Installation of new bushings or bearings is included when purchased with the Trailing Arm Reconditioning Service below.

Questions? Call us at 1.408.297.2789 M-F 8-5 PST

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Trailing Arm Services

Trailing Arm Reconditioning Service for Porsches
Trailing Arm Reconditioning Service
$600.00 each


Wheel Bearings for Trailing Arms for Porsches
Wheel Bearings for Trailing Arms
$85.00 each
Trailing Arm Monoball Cartridges for Porsches
Trailing Arm Monoball Cartridges
$285.00 pair
Trailing Arm Bushings for Porsches
Trailing Arm Bushings
$230.00 pair

Inbound Shipping Options

Trailing Arm Reconditioning Service Shipping
$45.00 Service