Hollow Adjustable Sway Bars

For Porsche 944

Hollow adjustable sway bars for Porsche 944

Fine-tune your handling

Quality and attention to detail make these sway bars the choice for serious performance.

These lightweight bars are hollow. They are half the weight of competing bars of equal stiffness.

Bearing blocks, drop links, and sway bar arms are CNC machined from aircraft-quality 6061-T6 aluminum for its high strength/weight ratio.

Fully adjustable front and rear drop links eliminate suspension preload. Oversized, precision Teflon-lined rod-ends provide long life, smooth operation, and high-reliability.

Adjustable drop-link arm connection design provides infinitely adjustable sway bar stiffness rate and makes it easy to fine-tune your car’s handling for various track conditions and driving styles.

Thermoplastic bushings impregnated with Teflon and reinforced with Kevlar provide smooth operation, long life, and high resistance to deflecting under heavy loading.

All components are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards, resulting in the finest and most reliable sway bar on the market.

Porsche 944 hollow front adjustable sway bars

Front Sway Bar

Porsche 944 hollow rear adjustable sway bars

Rear Sway Bar


Application Table

Part No. Stock Equiv. Fitment & Configuration
1-944FSBA-ST-'83-'85 944 w/ stock steel control arms
1 req'd per Car
1-944FSBA-'85-'95 944/968 w/ alum. &
aftermarket control arms
1 req'd per Car


Application Table

Part No. Stock Equiv. Fitment & Configuration
1-944RSBA-'76-'95 924/944/968
1 kit req'd per Car

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Front Parts

Front Hollow Swaybar for Porsches
Front Hollow Swaybar
$795.00 each

Rear Parts

Rear Hollow Swaybar for Porsches
Rear Hollow Swaybar
'76-'95 924/944/968
1 kit, req'd per car
$595.00 kit