Control Arm Services

For Porsche 914

Control Arm Services For Porsche 914

Control Arm Reconditioning

This is a service that we offer alongside with bushing installation and control arm modification. We will media blast the entire control arm to remove any rust, grease and paint. The arm is then powder-coated for smooth and attractive finish and protection from elements. Bushings and ball joints will then be installed if service is selected.

Add Bushings or Bearings

Bushings or bearing installation is performed by one of our expert technicians. You can rest assured that the installation is performed properly. This service includes removal of old bushings and installation of new ones. Choose from factory compliant rubber bushings, PolyBronze bearings or our new Sphericals Bearings.
2290000_rebushingkitwtool_8002051500_polybronzebearingsfrt_645Sphericals Control Arm Bearings for Porsche 911 and 914

Add Ball Joints

Have us install the ball joints. Choose from OEM or De-cambered ball joints in the appropriate year range. New hardware will be used to attach the ball joints to the control arms.
Side view of ball joint For Porsche 911/912/930oem_porsche_911_ball_jointEarly style ball joint for '65 thru '68 by Sebro

Add Drop-Link Mounts

Swaybar "U" Tab KitThis service includes removal of the old swaybar mount and welding of the new brackets.

  • “After 5000 miles the difference is truly amazing. I was worried about the polybronze being too harsh, why I was worried I have no clue, the suspension is now like butter, I’m now driving roads that I couldn’t even think about driving before the change.” Greg in Clovis, CA – Control Arm Service w/ PolyBronze

Your Control Arms. Done Easy, Done Right

  • 1. Order Services using table below and we’ll email a work order.
  • 2. Send your control arms using your choice of inbound shipping options with the supplied work order in the box.
  • 3. We’ll perform the installation and upgrades.
  • 4. We’ll ship the control arms back to you ready to bolt on the car.

Three Inbound Shipping Choices

  • Bronze – Pack and ship on your own.
  • Silver – Pack on your own, we’ll email a pre-paid inbound UPS shipping label. USA only.
  • Gold – We’ll send you a box and packing materials and a pre-paid inbound UPS shipping label. USA only.

Shipping Options

Ground service is the default. Call us at 1.408.297.2789 to arrange expedited shipping.

*Removal and installation of ball joints, drop link mounts, and bushings or bearings is included when purchased with the Control Arm Reconditioning Service below.


  • Gold and Silver level shipping is quoted for USA addresses only. Please contact us for pricing outside USA,

 Speak to an expert: 1.408.297.2789

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Control Arm Reconditioning Service
'65-'89 911/912/930/914
1 Service, req'd per car
$600.00 Service


Stock Ball Joints for Porsches
Stock Ball Joints
$115.00 each
De-Cambered Ball Joints for Porsches
De-Cambered Ball Joints
$430.00 pair
Ball Joint Hardware Kits for Porsches
Ball Joint Hardware Kits
$98.00 pair
Control Arm Rubber Bushing Kit for Porsches
Control Arm Rubber Bushing Kit
$240.00 kit
PolyBronze™ Control Arm Bearings for Porsches
PolyBronze™ Control Arm Bearings
'68-'89 911, 912, 930, 914 Control Arm Bearings
1 kit, req'd per car
$290.00 kit
Sphericals™ Control Arm Bearings for Porsches
Sphericals™ Control Arm Bearings
'68-'89 911, 912, 930 &
'70-'76 914
1 kit, req'd per car
$497.00 kit
U-Tab Kit for Porsches
U-Tab Kit
'69-'89 911,912,930,914
1 pair, req'd per car
$25.00 pair

Shipping Supplies

Control Arm Reconditioning Service Shipping for Porsches
Control Arm Reconditioning Service Shipping
$95.00 Service