Setrab Oil Cooler

For Porsche 914-6

Setrab Oil Cooler for Porsche 914

Setrab oil coolers combine high quality with high flow capacity for custom cooler applications. A variety of sizes and fitting types are available to meet your needs.STD series is available in a range of sizes and can be used in center valance, fender and other locations. Suitable for use as an engine or transaxle cooler.

Choose fittings for Porsche 30mm hoses, or AN-type fittings, order separately below.

Optionally choose our Side Mount Kit, order separately below.

Complete oil cooler kits for Porsche fitment are available here.

Setrab Oil Cooler Fitment

Setrab Oil Cooler Sizes

Application Table

Part No. Stock Equiv. Fitment & Configuration
1-STD948-A:16", B:14-1/2", C:14-1/2", D:2"
1-STD925-A:16", B:14-1/2", C:7-1/2", D:2"
1-STD920-A:16", B:14-1/2", C:6", D:2"
1-STD915-A:16", B:14-1/2", C:4-1/2", D:2"
1-STD910-A:16", B:14-1/2", C:3", D:2"
1-STD660-A:13", B: 11-1/4", C:18-1/2", D:2"
1-STD650-A:13", B: 11-1/4", C:15-1/4", D:2"
1-STD640-A:13", B: 11-1/4", C:12", D:2"
1-STD634-A:13", B: 11-1/4", C:10-1/4", D:2"
1-STD625-A:13", B: 11-1/4", C:7-1/2", D:2"
1-STD619-A:13", B: 11-1/4", C:5-3/4", D:2"
1-STD616-A:13", B: 11-1/4", C:4-3/4", D:2"
1-STD613-A:13", B: 11-1/4", C:4", D:2"
1-STD610-A:13", B: 11-1/4", C:3", D:2"
1-STD607-A:13", B: 11-1/4", C:2", D:2"
1-STD272-A:9-1/4", B:7-1/4", C:22-1/2", D:2", Diagonal Flow
1-STD172-A:8-1/4", B:6-1/4", C:22-1/2", D:2"
1-STD150-A:8-1/4", B:6-1/4", C:15-1/4", D:2"
1-STD125-A:8-1/4", B:6-1/4", C:7-1/2", D:2"
1-STD119-A:8-1/4", B:6-1/4", C: 5-3/4", D:2"
1-STD113-A:8-1/4", B:6-1/4", C:4", D:2"
1-STD110-A:8-1/4", B:6-1/4", C:3", D:2"
1-STD107-A:8-1/4", B:6-1/4", C:2", D: 2"
1-COM500-15-A:23-1/2", B:19-1/2", C:5-3/4", D:2-1/4"

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Oil Coolers

Setrab Oil Coolers for Porsches
Setrab Oil Coolers
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