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Tie Rods

For Porsche 996/997

Restore the original steering quality of your Porsche 996/997 by replacing failed or fatigued tie rods with factory replacement components. For bump steer correction, see our adjustable bump steer tie rods

Tie Rod Ends (also called Track Rod) connect the inner tie rods to the wheel carrier. The link end contains a ball joint that wears with mileage. Replace with this OEM part or with our adjustable bump-steer tie rod end which are recommended for lowered cars.Priced each

996/997 Part# 996 347 131 04

Tie Rod Outer for Porsche 996/997

Inner Tie Rods (also called joint) link steering rack to the outer tie rod. Worn Tie rod joints can cause the steering to be unpredictable. Inner tie rods include rubber boot. Priced each

996 Part# 996 347 322 03
997 Part# 997 347 322 01

Tie Rod Inner for Porsche 997

996/997 Inner Tie Rod

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Tie Rods

Outer Tie Rods


Qty For 996 and 997 - 1998-2012

Inner Tie Rods



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