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Tie Rods

For Porsche 993

Restore the original steering quality of your Porsche 993 by replacing failed or fatigued tie rods with factory replacement components. For bump steer correction, replace with RS type tie rods (RS wheel carriers required)

Lowered 993 cars suffer from bump steer, and can benefit from bump geometry correction.

Our Bump Steer Correcting Tie Rod kit provides bump geometry correction with the stock C2/C4 wheel carriers. With this kit it is not necessary to convert the wheel carriers to 993 RS type to correct for bump steer.

Bump steer is a change in toe due to vertical movement of the wheel, such as when driving over a bump. The toe change causes the car to turn, and the driver needs to correct for this to maintain a steady trajectory.  This makes the car a handful to drive, especially over bumpy road surfaces.

Bump correction is achieved by moving the tie rod end pivot about 10mm closer to the steering knuckle as compared to the stock tie rod end. This changes the angle of the tie rod to produce the bump geometry correction.

  • Corrects for bump steer
  • Eliminates rubber isolator
  • Enhanced driving precision

993 Part# 2180018

These Elephant Racing bump steer tie rods also eliminate the compliant rubber isolator found in the factory 993 tie rods providing a more direct and responsive steering feel. Thus, proper suspension geometry is restored, driver corrections are minimized, and vehicle trajectory is stabilized making driving control easier while reducing driver fatigue.

993 C4 and C2 adjustable drop links 993 adjustable front drop links

These are replacement tie rods that were used in both standard and sport (M030) suspension setups. Replacing tired tie rods will restore original steering precision. If lowering the car we recommend replacing these with RS type tie rods and wheel carrier for bump steer correction.

Kit comes with outer and inner tie rods. Sold individually, order two per car. Genuine Porsche parts.

993 Part# 993 347 031 03

RS tie rods use harder compound rubber and improve both steering precision and feedback. RS wheel carriers are required to use these tie rods. Additionally, pairing these tie rods with RS style wheel carrier reduce effects of bump steer and is a must for cars that are lowered more than 30mm.

993 RS stock height is 50mm lower than US spec cars and 20-30mm lower than European spec cars.

Kit comes with outer and inner tie rods. Sold as pair, order one kit per car. Genuine Porsche parts.

The outer tie rids can also be used with standard or M030 tie rod ends. Hover These are only sold as a kit of inner and outer tie rods.

993 Part# 993 347 031 80 - Fits all cars with RS front wheel carriers.

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Tie Rods

Bump Steer Correcting Tie Rod Kit


One kit req'd per car.

Standard and M030 Tie Rods (inner and Outer)


Qty Order 2 per car.

RS Tie Rods (inner and Outer)


Qty Order 2 per car. RS wheel carriers required.

Package Total

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