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RS Front Uprights

For Porsche 993

Bump steer improvement. - Cars that have been lowered more than ROW M030 ride height run into bump steer issues. The RS upright have a shortened tie rod mounting point to compensate for the ride height.

Factory ride height on RS cars was 50mm lower than US spec car and 20-30mm lower than Euro spec. This is the proper way of dealing with bump steer on standard 993 cars. RS type tie rods are required.

Geometry correction - The distance from ball joint and wheel mounting point is increased correcting lower control arm angle when lowering.

993 341 157 81 LEFT
993 341 158 81 REAR
Fits C2, C4 and Turbo cars.

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RS Wheel Carriers

Front RS Type wheel carriers, pair


For Porsche 993 C2, C4 and Turbo.

Wheel Bearings


For 993 RS wheel carriers, Set of 2

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