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QuickChange™ Strut Brace System

For Porsche 911/912/930

QuickChange Strut Brace Triangulated

Expandable, quick removal and installation

Our unique QuickChange™ strut-brace system is expandable to grow with your needs. Quick release pins let you remove or reconfigure in minutes.

911 935 Brace Shannon - NZ, 911 935 Brace

"I have installed your 935 brace and it looks amazing, really happy with the quality." Shannon in NZ - 911 935 Brace


Expandable - Start with a single-bar strut tower brace and later scale up with triangulation or even a full-blown 935 X brace, the system is completely upgradable. Grow or reconfigure your brace to match your changing needs for chassis rigidity, storage capacity, and budget.

Quick Release - Tubes are secured with quick release pins, each held in place by a detent ball. Quick Release pins allow fast, tool-less removal for service access or expanded stowage capacity.

Build Quality - Truly awesome appearance matches the functionality. Oversized aluminum tubing has a beefy, stout appearance yet remains lightweight and has a purposeful frosted anodize finish. CNC machined billet aluminum clevis ends are anodized a tasteful burgundy color.

QuickChange Strut Brace video

All configurations are completely bolt-in, no welding required. 78-89 cars drill one hole for triangulation option. 66-77 already have the hole.

Integrates easily with all our camberplate and strut top monoball options including stock camberplates and rubber bushings.

Four Configurations

Start with any configuration, all can be fully upgraded by simply adding components. No throwaways!

Single Bar - The foundation of the system, the single bar connects the strut towers together for reduced flex.

Triangulated - Triangulation locks the towers even more rigidly in place to maintain camber settings – even through high G corners.

Single Bar Struts

Single Bar



935 X Brace - Inspired by the chassis braces used on 935 race cars, the X brace increases chassis torsional rigidity. Completely bolt on, it attaches to the camber plates and the front corners of the trunk.

935 X Triangulated - The most rigid brace available, this configuration adds the triangulated member to the 935 X brace.

935 x brace

935 X Brace

Part No.OEM EquivalentFitConfiguration
2162202'66 - '89 Single Bar
2162203'66 - '89 Triangulated

935 X Triangulated

Part No.OEM EquivalentFitConfiguration
2162200'66 - '89 935 X
2162204'66 - '89 935 X Triangulated

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Complete Strut Brace Kits

Single Bar QuickChange strut brace


'66-'89 911/912/930

Triangulated QuickChange strut brace


'66-'89 911/912/930

935 X QuickChange Strut Brace


'66-'89 911/912/930

935 X Triangulated QuickChange strut brace


'66-'89 911/912/930

Upgrade Strut Brace Kits

Triangulated add-on upgrade


for QuickChange single bar or 935 X strut brace

935 X add-on upgrade


for QuickChange single bar or triangulated strut brace

Package Total

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