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QuickChange™ Spring Plate

For Porsche 356

356 Quickchange Spring Plate

Change Torsion Bars and Adjust Ride Height

QuickChange spring plates make fast-work of torsion bar re-indexing and replacement. Screw-type adjuster makes corner balancing and ride height adjustment a breeze. Pairs the high quality of the factory design with ease of servicing.

Porsche QuickChange Springplate and PolyBronze Bearings

"Wow, German craftsmanship from you! What shall I say... just perfect. THANK YOU THE PARTS ARE DEFINITELY WORTH THE PRICE! " Manfred P. - QC Springplate, PolyBronze Bearings

  • • 5 minute torsion bar changes
  • • Fast and easy ride-height adjustment
  • • Accepts standard bushings

Setup is fast and easy

If you've ever re-indexed torsion bars to correct ride height, you can really appreciate the benefits of QuickChange. Used in combination with our QuickChange Torsion Bars and Polybronze bearings, this spring plate allows rapid replacement or re-indexing of torsion bars.

QuickChange Spring Plate Diagram

QuickChange Torsion Bar Changeout

Porsche 911 QuickChange Springplate

"I am very happy with the way the suspension modification performs. On the road the car is now quiet, smoother and more predictable (contrary to my mechanics predictions). On the track the difference is amazing, the car is entirely predictable, overall more than one second faster than previous PB." Ross - QuickChange Springplate, PolyBronze Bearings


QuickChange Torsion Bars can be extracted through the QuickChange Spring Plate without removing any bolts. Alignment settings are maintained. You don't even need to remove the wheel from the car. Changing torsion bars is a 5 minute per side operation!

Unlike other aftermarket spring plates, QuickChange Spring Plates bolt the plates together. This prevents the plates "halves" from sliding against each other and eliminates failures and metallic clicking noises common with competing products.

Can be used with any torsion bar and bushing that fits factory spring plates - not included - however QuickChange Torsion bars and PolyBronze Bearings are required to use torsion bar extraction features


This Spring plate requires 672mm Torsion Bars as equipped with A and B chassis 356. Pre-A, C and CS chassis use 553mm Torsion Bars. New 672mm Torsion Bars are required for Pre-A, C and CS chassis if replacing original spring plates.

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QuickChange Camber Plate

QuickChange Spring Plate Set


For A and B (For Pre-A, C and SC Read Note)

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