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Trailing Arm Services

For Porsche 964

Trailing Arm Reconditioning

Restore trailing arms to like new condition. This refurbishing service includes removal of old bushings, media blasting, clear coat paint for Pair of trailing arms.

Wheel Bearing Installation

Wheel bearings and Installation is included with this service.

Bushings Installation

This service includes removal of old bushings and installation of new ones.

Your trailing arms. Done Easy, Done Right.

1. Order Services using table below. We'll email a work order.

2. Send your trailing arms using your choice of inbound shipping options. Include work order in the box.

3. We'll perform the installation and upgrades.

4. We'll ship the trailing arms back to you ready to bolt on the car.

elephant racing shipping box

Choose from 3 options for inbound shipping:

  • Bronze - Pack and ship on your own.
  • Silver - Pack on your own, we'll email a pre-paid inbound UPS shipping label. USA only.
  • Gold - We'll send you a box and packing materials and a pre-paid inbound UPS shipping label. USA only.

Ground service is default. Call to arrange expedited shipping.

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Trailing Arm Services

964 Trailing Arm Refurbishing service


Includes rubber bushings

Add Wheel Bearings


Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement - Wheel bearings included

Shipping Options

No Inbound shipping


"No thanks, I'll pack and ship it myself."

Inbound Flat-Rate Shipping Label Only


"Email me the inbound shipping label only."

Inbound Shipping, Box and Packing Supplies


"Send me the inbound shipping box, supplies and label!"

Please Note, Return shipping will be calculated upon checkout

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