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Shock Modification and Testing

For Porsche 914

For Bilstein Shocks and Strut Inserts Only.

shock Reconditioning

For the rear, we'll media blast the shock body, put a fresh coat of paint and replace decals to make the shocks look new.

Custom Valving and Rebuilding

Custom valve your Bilstein Shocks or inserts to match your spring rate. Choose the torision bar size or spring rate in the configuration table below.

Specific custom valving is also available. Call us at +1 408.297.2789

Service is performed by opening the shock, replacing the shim stack and sealed. Shock is then filled with fresh oil, properly sealed and charged. Each shock is dyno tested to ensure proper valving and pair consistency. Dyno charts will be included with this service.

Bump Stops

Add a new bump stop the shock.

Shock Body Shortening

Shortening shock body increases travel range. Much needed on lowered cars. Shock body is shortened by 19mm.

This is an add-on service to custom valving/rebuilding service as the shock needs to be opened for the modification.

Dynamometer Testing

Have your shocks tested on our dynamometer to establish a baseline before any work is perforemed. Dyno testing lets us diagnose health and function of the shock.

Snap Ring Groove machining

Snap Ring Groove

In order to install a coilover sleeve conversion kit, grooves need to be machined into the shock body in order to hold a snap ring in place.

Bushing Replacement

Bushings on old shocks often deform. We recommend replacing these bushings alongside with shock rebuilding. Service includes new lower and upper bushings.

Your Shocks. Done Easy, Done Right.

1. Order Services using table below. We'll email a work order.

2. Send your shocks using your choice of inbound shipping options. Include work order in the box.

3. We'll perform the installation and upgrades.

4. We'll ship the shocks back to you ready to bolt on the car.

elephant racing shipping box

Choose from 3 options for inbound shipping:

  • Bronze - Pack and ship on your own.
  • Silver - Pack on your own, we'll email a pre-paid inbound UPS shipping label. USA only.
  • Gold - We'll send you a box and packing materials and a pre-paid inbound UPS shipping label. USA only.

Ground service is default. Call to arrange expedited shipping.

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Front Shock (Strut Inserts) Modification

Strut Insert Custom Valving/Rebuilding + Dyno Test After


Add Insert Body shortening - Pair


Bilstein Shock Body Shortening - Bilstein Only

Add Bump Stops


New bump stops for front inserts

Base Line Dyno Testing (Before Mods)



Rear Shock Modification

Rear Shock Reconditioning


Make your rear shocks look new

Rear Shock Custom Valving/Rebuilding + Dyno Test After


Add Shock Body shortening - pair


Bilstein Shock Body Shortening - Bilstein Only

Add Snap Ring Groove Machining


Snap Ring Included

Bushings Replacement


Upper and Lower bushings - Parts and labor

Add Bump Stops


New bump stops for rear shocks

Base Line Dyno Testing (Before Mods)



Shipping Options

No Inbound shipping


"No thanks, I'll pack and ship it myself."

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Inbound Shipping, Box and Packing Supplies


"Send me the inbound shipping box, supplies and label!"

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