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Rear CamberMax™

For Porsche 911/912/930

Rear CamberMax

Rear camber adjuster

Rear CamberMax kit simplifies 911 rear camber adjustment, making it easy to achieve aggressive negative camber settings of 3+ degrees. Instead of using the troublesome factory eccentric bolt, Rear CamberMax allows adjustment with a simple and precise screw.

Unlike the stock eccentric adjuster, Rear CamberMax allows adjustment with vehicle weight resting on the tires making it easy to read a camber gauge while turning the adjuster.

By making equal adjuster turns on both driver and passenger sides, quick changes can be made trackside even if a camber gauge is not available - try that with the factory eccentric adjuster!

Rear Adjuster Diagram
CamberMax Installatino

Note - Fits factory spring plates and AL trailing arms only. Does not fit Sway-a-way plates or steel trailing arms

Part No.OEM EquivalentFitConfig
2130900911 333 303 00'65 - '89AL trailing arms only

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Rear CamberMax™

Rear CamberMax™, set


For '65-'89 911/912/930 with AL trailing arms

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