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Monoball Cartridges

For Porsche 911 / 912 / 930 strut tops and trailing arms '65-'89

Bearings/Bushings > Weather-sealed Monoballs


Today's sticky tire compounds generate corner loads that easily compress factory rubber bushings causing wandering alignment settings. Camber and toe flop around predictably.

Monoball Cartridges replace compliant factory rubber bushings with hardened-steel spherical bearings. Unlike poly bushings that bind and resist movement, true spherical bearings allow free motion on multiple axis.

  • • Precise, razor sharp handling
  • • Holds alignment settings true
  • • Weather-Sealed for long life
  • • Eliminates camber loss due to compression
  • • Extremely low friction

Cartridges are available for rear trailing arms and front strut tops.

Weather Seals

Our proprietary-design Monoball cartridges have optional weather seals to keep dirt out and extend product life.

This is the only Monoball suitable for street or extended track use. Dirt and water contaminate ordinary products and accelerate wear.

Easy Bushing Replacement How-To Video

Front Cartridges

Fit easily into the stock camber plates of 67-89 911/912/930 cars (911 341 018 00). Cars with pre-67 camber plates are recommended to switch to a 67-89 camber plate for fitment. 65 cars without camber plates require grinding to enlarge the strut top opening to allow fitment of the cartridges.

Front Monoball Cartriges

Front Monoball cartridge

Front monoball installation

Front Monoball cartridge installation

Part No. OEM Equivalent Fit Config
2011000 911 341 018 00 '65 - '89

Rear Monoball Cartridges

Fit both steel and aluminum trailing arms. Replaces OEM part 901 331 059 00.

Rear Monoball cartriges

trailing arm monoball cartridge installation

Trailing Arm Monoball Cartriges

Trailing Arm Cartridge Installation

Part No. OEM Equivalent Fit Config
2020901 901-331-059-00 '65 - '89 Rear sealed
2020900 Rear sealed Rear non-sealed

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Monoball Cartridges

Trailing arm monoball cartridges, sealed


65-89 911/912/914/930 per pair

Trailing arm monoball cartr., non-sealed


65-89 911/912/914/930 per pair

Front monoball cartridges


65-89 911/912/914/930 per pair

Package Total

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