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Von Shocks™ Coilover systems

For Porsche 993/964

Fully developed coilover systems ready to bolt-on

Coilover systems from Von Shocks, Complete systems fully engineered and ready to bolt on. No guesswork, tuned spring rates, shock valving, spring lengths and bump stops that all work together right out of the box.

Von coilover complete systems

Bolt on a complete balanced system including threaded body struts, springs, all hardware, assembled and ready to go.

Von Shocks - Standard with high pressure nitrogen gas sealed Von Street inserts.

Adjustability - External rebound damping adjustable.

Levels - Choose from 4 levels, each tuned with springs and valving matched to your planned usage:

level 1 - Street performance, canyon carver

level 2 - Autocross, Drivers Education

level 3 - Time trial

level 4 - Dedicated race car

Pair-Matched - Each and every Von shock is computer shock dyno-tested. Dyno plots are then used to choose hand-picked pairs, thus delivering unrivaled consistency and shocks that truly match.

Rear Swaybar Stabilizing Link - 993 rear coilovers include a stabilizing link. This link improves the function of the sway bar. Because the 993 rear sway bar drop link is attached to the shock body, 993 rear shocks rotate in reaction to sway bar forces. This causes a 'dead zone' in which the sway bar fails to resist body roll, until the shock rotation stops. The stablizing link prevents shock rotation and eliminates the sway bar dead zone.

Complete hardware - Kits are complete with main springs and helpers springs to keep springs in tension even at full droop. Both front and rear kits include spring seat bearing to prevent spring windup.

Camber Plates - Camberplate kits can be ordered separately to enhance the performance of your coilover system.

Coilover Front

Von Coilover system front
Note: Front suspension assembly and camber plate not included.

Coilover Rear

Von Coilover system rear 993
Note: Rear suspension assembly and shock mount not included.

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Von Coilover System

Von 993 coilovers


Von 964 coilovers


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