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Coilover Sleeve Conversions Kits

For Porsche 991

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Porsche 991 Coilover Kit

"Elephant's kit ingeniously converts existing standard PASM damper into a fully adjustable coilover." 911 Porsche World Magazine - 991 Coilover Kit


Conversion kits provide a cost-effect way to convert to a full height adjustable coilover setup while retaining your existing non-threaded OEM PASM or Standard struts and shocks. Our no-weld kit converts to full adjustable height coilover setup.

Coilover Sleeve Conversion Bilstein Strut

991 Front Struts

Seat Bearing Kit - Prevents spring wind-up allowing ease-of-steering.

Main Spring - The finest springs available, Hypercoil. Choose from a broad selection of rates, here are a few popular choices:

Level 1 - Street performance, canyon carver

Level 2 - Autocross, Drivers Education

Level 3 - Track

Porsche 911 World Magazine - Click here to read their recent writeup on our 991 Coilover Conversion Kit and then order the kit below... you'll love this easy bolt-on upgrade.

Sleeve Conversion kit contains all these items:

Threaded Sleeve - Provides height adjustability. Compact design fits 2.25 inch springs for superior tire clearance.

Lower Perch - Easy height adjustment and corner balancing. Clamp-type is secure and kind to threads.

Sleeve Base - Bolts on and positions threaded sleeve, no welding required.

Rear Coilover Sleeve Conversion
Porsche 991 Coilover Kit

"Firming up the feel, feedback and driver involvment of your 991 can be done, and Elephant Racing has developed and sorted all the bits to do the job with its ingenious coilover convertsion kit." 911 Porsche World Magazine - 991 Coilover Kit


991 Rear Shocks

Helper Spring / Dividers - Prevents Main Spring from coming off perches at full suspension droop. Fully compressed in normal operation. Divider ensures Main Spring and Helper Spring remain properly seated

Part No.FitConfiguration
23200031 '12+ Level 1, Street
23200032 '12+ Level 2, Autocross/DE
23200033 '12+ Level 3, Track

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Front and Rear Coilover Sleeve Kits

Front and Rear Coilover Sleeve Conversion kit


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