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Rear Shock Tower Reinforcement

For Porsche 911/930

Rear Shock Tower Reinforcement Kit

Shock towers and coilover conversions

When converting the 911 torsion bar rear suspension to coilover, the rear shock towers should be reinforced. Coilover springs introduce loads the towers were not designed to handle. Without reinforcement, cracks can develop over time - most frequently between the crossmember and unibody box sections.

Our reinforcement kit strengthens this vulnerable area and properly distributes coilover spring loads.

This kit requires welding for installation.

Shock tower bracing
Shock tower bracing
Shock tower bracing
Part No.OEM EquivalentFitConfig
2280909'65 - '89

Rear Shock Tower Reinforcement

Our brackets make it easy to get a professional result, saving you the time and guesswork cutting your own.

Laser Cut - Fits the profile of the shock tower perfectly.

Strong - Solidly ties the towers and cross-member into unibody box sections and inner wheel well. Distributes the shock loads properly and reinforces the entire section.

Holes - Great appearance and convenient routing of hoses and wires.

Weld from one side - Fully seam weld without removing rear firewall.

Light Weight - Properly engineered to distribute loads, not 'over engineered' with excess material and weight.

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Rear Shock Tower Reinforcement

Rear shock tower reinforcement kit


911/930 '72-'89 - One kit per car

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