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Bolt-On Adjustable Bump Steer Kit

For Porsche 944

Bump Steer Kit for Porsche 944

Elephant Racing's proprietary-design Adjustable Bump Steer kit delivers true adjustability in a super strong package. Now available with boots.

Bump steer is a change in toe setting resulting from vertical wheel displacement. A car that bump-steers requires constant adjustment at the steering wheel to maintain a steady trajectory over uneven surfaces. This can be handful to drive.

Bump Steek Kit Installed

The 911/914/944 series has some bump steer inherent even in the stock configuration. The problem becomes more severe with lowered ride height and can be extreme with spindle height modifications.

The Adjustable Bump Steer kit allows bump steer correction by altering the angle of the tie-rods. The kit replaces the tie-rod end (911/914 must have turbo tie-rods) and allows easy tuning to specific vehicle needs.

Part No.OEM EquivalentFitConfiguration
2110901'69-'89 with boots
2110900'69-'89 no boots
Bump Steer Kit Diagram

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Steer Bump Kit

Bolt-On Bump Steer Kit - Pair


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