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Oil Cooler Stone Guard Kit

For Porsche 911

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911 Oil Cooler

Oil Cooler Stone Guard

Protect your oil cooler

We offer two stone guard kits designed to protect the Widemouth Carrera Oil Cooler from road debris tossed up by the tire (very important). It also seals the cooler to the fender, enhancing air flow and cooling efficiency.

Full factory kit

• Stone guard

• Lower cover

• Factory fender gasket seal

• Oil fitting gasket

• Mounting clips

Basic kit

• Stone guard

• Non-factory fender gasket seal

• Mounting clips

Oil Cooler Stone Guard

Basic Kit


The full factory stone guard kit includes upper and lower shields. This is as-OEM on '84-'89 911s. If you are retro-fitting a '84-'89 OEM cooler or widemouth cooler to an earlier car, this stoneguard will work well.

The basic stone guard omits the lower shield, omits the small gasket, substitutes a non-factory fender gasket. Fits '84-'89 style OEM fender mounted radiator cooler and Widemouth Cooler. Works well for retrofit of that cooler to earlier cars.

Two version of each are offered. Get the 930 kit for any car with widebody fender flares (930, RSR, ST, etc). Some trimming may be needed depending on which flare you have, easily accomplished with tin snips. Get the 911 kit for narrow body cars.

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Stone Guard Kit

Oil cooler factory stone guard kit w/gasket


See Note for Fitment.

Oil cooler basic stone guard kit w/gasket


See Note for Fitment.

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