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Oil Cooler Fans

For Porsche 911

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911 Oil Cooler

Oil Cooler Stone Guard

Low speed cooling enhancement

Oil coolers only work when air is flowing through them. A fan will improve your cooler efficiency at lower speeds when less airflow is available. This benefits track cars through lower speed turns and street cars idling in traffic.

Aftermarket Fan

Highly recommended. Fits Widemouth oil cooler perfectly, moves more than twice the air volume of the factory fan!

• 8 inch fan, 2 1/4 inch thick

• 400 CFM

• 4.5 amps

• Mounting kit

Oil Cooler Stone Guard

Note: Oil cooler is not included. Pictured for reference only.

Aftermarket Fan Installation Kit

• Adjustable Thermoswitch 170-210F

• 30 amp relay

• Fuse holder and 30 amp fuse

• Wire

• instructions

Oil Cooler Stone Guard


This aftermarket fan requires 8 inch by 10 inch mounting space. It can be used on all 911 from '65-'89 using the Carrera style fender mount cooler. Some cars may require relocation of the horns. Pre '74 cars may require removal of the passenger side battery box.

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Oil Cooler Fans

Aftermarket 8" oil cooler fan


'65-'89 911, see notes for fitment.

Aftermarket oil cooler fan installation kit


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