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26mm to 30mm Metric Oil Fitting Adapter

For Porsche 914-6

26mm to 30mm oil filter adapter

Simplify retrofit of later 911 motor into 914 cars

911 cars through '71 and all 914/6 cars have 26mm fittings on the oil tank. This presents a problem when retrofitting a '72 and later 911 motor that use 30mm oil hoses.

Elephant Racing has the solution; we are manufacturing these 26mm-to-30mm adapters. One side has 26mm female threads and connects directly to the 26mm male fitting on your pre-72 911 or 914/6 oil tank. The other side has male 30mm threads and connects directly to 30mm female threaded hose ends.

Can also be used to adapt a 30mm Carrera style oil cooler to pre-'72 26mm oil lines.

30mm Hose End

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26mm to 30mm Oil Fitting Adapter


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